Learn the EXACT strategies I used to grow podcasts

for celebrities like Barbara Corcoran, Arianna Huffington, Anna Faris, Arian Foster and hundreds of others.
In the book I also share the EXACT Apple Podcasts algorithm that Apple doesn’t want you to know…

We spent over 4 years learning how to build the biggest audiences in podcasting for high profile clients like…

What will you learn?

  • Podcast industry specifics & opportunities
  • How to turn your podcast into a media network
  • Why companies are investing in podcasting
  • ​A-Z podcast checklists (In-depth insights)
  • ​Free & paid marketing strategies
  • How to monetize your podcast with a small audience
  • How to build a powerful brand via podcasting
  • How to get publications to write about your show
  • ​How to guest appear and book guests for your show
  • ​How to find & pitch advertisers

What are people saying about my work?

Podcasting Myths:

  • You can only make money podcasting via advertisers
  • You need 10,000+ downloads per episode to monetize your show
  • You must have your own podcast to take advantage of the opportunity
  • ​Podcasting isn’t worth the time
  • ​It’s difficult and expensive to start a great podcast
  • ​I should be interviewing influencers with lots of followers
  • ​Instagram is the best place to find guests
  • ​Influencers with large followings will help me grow my podcast and make money

Want to know why these are myths?

Most podcasts don’t make it to 10 episodes. Why? They have the wrong goals and focus only on vanity metrics.

Want to learn how to:

  • Leverage your podcast to close deals
  • Build a podcast that others are excited to appear on
  • Use LinkedIn to drive real business results
  • ​Use podcast appearances as sales tools
  • ​Generate 3000+ new LinkedIn connections each month
  • ​Book CEO level guests on your podcast consistently
  • ​Use your podcast to build significant email lists
  • ​Create email series that sell and convert customers

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